Top 7 reasons to choose Sales07 - The CRM with the right focus
Sales07 is the breakthrough from quantity to quality. Sales07 is not just a system collecting data, it provides flexible tools to conduct business and to make use of data the way you need it.
  1. Sales07 provides high productivity since it focuses on sales process rather than business components, hence the user don’t have to spend time making connections and filtering data.
  2. Sales07 is user-friendly and easy to use providing a short learning curve. Your team will embrace using it in no time.
  3. Sales07 provides powerful, unequalled features such as forecasting from multiple perspectives, contextual views of clients interactions, etc...
  4. Sales07 is highly configurable, you can set your own criteria when classifying your products, your clients, your contacts, your forecast stages.
  5. Sales07 is web enabled, therefore accessible anytime, anywhere and there is no need for any synchronization and it’s your choice to use it on your PC, your intranet or over the Internet.
  6. Service or product, your choice! You can use Sales07 as a service or install it on your hardware and you can switch at any time between the two.
  7. Sales07 has the most competitive price.